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Link: Jabba the Hutt-Related Crafts on Etsy

April 10, 2012

I like Etsy overall. I’ve gotten a lot of good stuff from there, some of which rivals even commercial products. Some of the things on Etsy tend to be a little on the bizarre side though. Here are a few things that I won’t be buying, partially because of the nature of the items, but mostly because of the rather high prices. Still, I thought you might be interested in them anyway.

The first is this Jabba the Hutt Clutch Purse with Princess Leia change purse. It’s a pretty creative use of an old purse, and it really does bear a strong resemblence to Jabba, but I’m not sure who’d spend $100 on it (and that’s coming from someone who has spent money some some pretty ridiculous things…)

Next up we have this glitter art of Jabba and Leia. It’s kind of a neat idea, although the art itself is just a blown-up piece of comic book art and not something original. Still, $175?

Finally, here’s an exquisitely done pair of painted shoes. They’re really quite impressive — click through to Etsy to see the other sides of the shoes. Still, at $250 a pair, I’m not sure who the target audience for these is. Maybe there’s a whole community of painted shoe collectors that I’m unaware of.

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