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Star Wars Movie Posters by Christopher Lee

February 21, 2012

Artist Christopher Lee (no, not that Christopher Lee) created this set of 3 movie poster-style prints for the original Star Wars trilogy. They all use a humorous cartoony style with a lot of little details and inside jokes. (Click on the posters below for a larger view.)  The style is totally different, but they are similar in concept to the Tyler Stout posters I wrote about this time last year. These are 16 x 20 in size, which is small for movie posters, but still pretty large. They’re available on his web shop for $35 apiece.

The Return of the Jedi poster has quite a few characters from Jabba’s palace, including the Rebo Band and the Rancor (well, his arm anyway). My son wanted me to be sure and mention that there’s no Slave Leia :), but I think that’s because she’s there in her Boushh outfit. One thing I love about Jabba and his gang is that there seems to be an endless number of ways for artists to interpret them, and this is another great version.

These are great posters and would look fantastic in a kid’s room.

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