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Vintage Jabba’s Palace Puzzle from Waddingtons UK

February 20, 2012

I got this months ago and really thought I had already posted about it, but apparently not. I did already write about another Waddingtons puzzle from the UK — one of Jedi Luke in Jabba’s Palace. Like that one, this puzzle came with a “Super Print,” which is an 11″ by 17″ poster of the image from the puzzle. It’s a nice little bonus that is often lost.

I have an American puzzle from Craft Master that uses the same photograph, so when I got this puzzle I noticed right away that the original image had been touched up by hand.  I remember thinking that the Craft Master puzzle was pretty dark and drab looking, and I wonder if somebody at Waddingtons didn’t agree, since they’ve added extra detailing and highlighting in neon colors.

You can see that Jabba has bright orange, yellow and blue highlights. It looks a little odd in closeup, but actually makes the overall image look much better. I like it.



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