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Jabba the Hutt with Han Solo Stein from Dram Tree

February 15, 2012

Dram Tree put out a number of large and heavy Star Wars-themed steins in the late 1990s. They all had the same generic “Star Wars” design, but with different pictures on the front. I posted about their Jabba’s Palace design more than two years ago, but I put off buying this one for a long time.

It’s no secret that I don’t like the idea of inserting Jabba into A New Hope. Aside from the fact that the CGI Jabba looks nothing like the character in Jedi and seems shoehorned into a scene that was never made with him in mind (which is in fact the case), I think introducing the character of Jabba so early in the trilogy ruins the moment when we finally see him in his palace. However, I do collect pieces featuring the CGI Jabba, since they’re part of the character’s history and sometimes are so bad they’re funny (this one might qualify in that regard).

I also have a bit of a bad history with this particular stein, since I finally broke down and bought one last year only to have it arrive in pieces. It took a while for me to find another halfway decent deal.


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