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Vintage Sarlacc Pit Rub Down Action Transfers by Thomas Salter

January 30, 2012

Thomas Salter sold their own versions of the Prestomagix transfer sets in the UK, although the multiple languages on the package imply that they were also sold in other European countries. I find the naming to be rather amusing — I wouldn’t expect a child’s toy to feature something called “rub down action.” 😉

While the basic concept is the same, some of the Thomas Salter sets came in sizes that were much larger than the Perstomagix versions. This one is about 10″ tall and folds out to be about 24″ wide, while the Prestomagix version is 5″ x 24″. Since the UK version is twice as tall as the US version, you can see a lot more of the background art — it’s a pretty huge difference, actually. The two sets also come with different transfers. The colors used for the various characters are different, and you get different items with the Thomas Salter one — like some ships. My son and I have already completed the US version below, but you get the idea. Now that I know how different some of these are, I’m more interested in finding the Thomas Salter versions of the Jabba’s Palace sets.


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  1. Koneko permalink
    February 9, 2012 12:57 am

    I have a vintage unopened unwrapped Jabba’s palace. I’m sorry to say that you cannot have it though. 🙂

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