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LEGO Jabba’s Sail Barge Store Display (Set 6210)

January 14, 2012

Stores often have displays of LEGO sets showing them assembled and sometimes incorporating some kind of lighting or movement feature. This is one such display, made for the LEGO Jabba’s Sail Barge set released in 2006. It’s is definitely one of my favorite LEGO sets. Originally this would have been displayed in Toys R Us stores alongside a sample of the Star Destroyer set (6211). I’ve never seen the display in person, but I did swipe this photo from an eBay auction to give you an idea. I don’t mind not having the entire display since half of it was unrelated to Jabba and there’s not much in the display aside from the models themselves. (The sails in the picture have clearly gotten messed up, and Boba Fett appears to be missing altogether.)


There are a few differences between this and the retail set. First and most obvious is the fact that everything is glued together. This was done by LEGO, presumably to make it possible to ship the display to stores and allow them to put it out with a minimum of assembly. All of the pieces of the set have been glued with something resembling superglue, and hot glue was used in some places as well (such as the doors on the side, which would normally fold down.

All of the minifigures are also glued into place — even their poses are more or less fixed. You can see this most easily on the skiff, where Skiff Guard Lando is in a permanent pose that has him almost ready to fall backward in to the sarlacc.

They also used some transparent cylindrical LEGO pieces to show Boba Fett just above the mouth of the sarlacc — I don’t think these are included with the retail set. Mine came off in shipping so I’m not sure where Boba Fett was originally placed.

If you turn the ship over, you can see that they added some gray LEGO blocks that also aren’t in the normal set. This makes the barge sit up higher and also allowed it to be screwed onto the display base.

Finally, there’s a folded triangle of cardboard that serves as a nameplate. Since I now have two sail barges, I think I’ll keep the store display version in one of my display cases and use the other one for playing with my son. 🙂

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