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“Jabba the Snowman” Christmas Card from Lucasfilm

January 3, 2012

I posted about this card a few weeks ago. Lucasfilm sent these cards to their clients and associates this year. As you might expect, it was produced in rather limited numbers, but I’m happy to say that I was able to track one down (although it wasn’t cheap…) It’s actually really nice looking in person. It’s printed on very thick card stock and Jabba and the snowflakes have a sort of pearlescent look that is difficult to capture in a photograph. The photo above is pretty close, but the background of the card is actually entirely white, rather than the off-whitish color you see here.

Inside is the message “Warm wishes this holiday season from your friends at Lucasfilm,” along with the handwritten message “Your friends at Lucas Licensing.” Clearly those wishes were a little too warm for Jabba, since he’s melted all over the floor. 😀 I plan to frame this together with the Lucasarts “Jabba Claus” card I got a while back.

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