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Star Wars Collectors Mug (Jabba the Hutt — “You’re Bantha Fodder”) by Long Island Distributing

December 24, 2011

Here’s an item I haven’t seen before. With places like offering custom mugs created to order, you can literally get dozens of mugs with Jabba on them. I have a few and they’re nice, but as I’ve explained before I don’t really consider them to be a part of my collection focus, since they aren’t traditional products. If I started collecting those, there’d be no end to it since there’s a nearly infinite number of design combinations. But there haven’t actually been a lot of commercially available mugs with Jabba on them. I’m not positive if this was only available in Canada, but that’s where I got it from. It has French on the packaging and is marked “Long Island Distributing Co. Limited, North York Ontario.”

It has the quote, “You’re Bantha Fodder” on it. The full quote from Return of the Jedi (said by Jabba to Han solo) is, “You may have been a good smuggler, but now you’re Bantha fodder.” I guess the meaning is that Han Solo is worth nothing more than the food they give to banthas.  In Huttese, the word is “poodoo,” and it seems to be used more like a swear word in some other Star Wars movies, leading many to assume that it means “poop” but apparently that’s not the case. On the other side of the mug is the Star Wars logo on a black background.

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