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Rawcliffe Pewter Jabba’s Sail Barge

December 10, 2011

I’ve posted a lot about Rawclife’s line of pewter Star Wars figures in the past, including their Jabba the Hutt on Throne, Jabba the Hutt alone, and various other figures such as the Max Rebo Band. The sail barge is (I think) the final Jabba-related piece that I was missing. I wouldn’t say that it’s all that rare, but I had a little trouble finding it at a price I felt was reasonable, so I put off picking one up. Come to think of it, I’m probably getting close to having all of the sail barge-related models and toys ever made.

It’s a little under 3″ long, which makes it smaller than the DeAgostini sail barge and the Hasbro Titanium sail barge, but only by a bit (see below). Overall, it’s not bad but it’s probably my least favorite of the Rawcliffe pewter pieces I have. It’s rather small and not really all that detailed.

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  1. December 11, 2011 4:25 am

    Yeah, i have the Rawcliffe Pewter Falcons (both large and Small). I must confess that i really like them, but i did feel that they were a tad overpriced.

    Does Rawcliffe still do Star Wars?

  2. June 23, 2020 10:11 am

    FYI Rawcliffe has been out of business for quite a few years now… so no new pieces coming from them. I am the artist who sculpted most of Rawcliffe’s fleet including both of the Falcons … my signature is hidden on the back of the smaller one. The last piece that I made for them was, I believe, the last Star Wars item they made … the At At sculpting… that was 2004.

    – Mark Eliot Schwabe

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