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Jabba’s Palace T-Shirt by Dark Bunny Tees

December 6, 2011

Dark Bunny Tees is a UK-based site that sells pop culture-inspired T-shirts. I first saw this shirt last year and considered buying it until I saw that it would’ve cost £24.95 including shipping to the US. That’s nearly $40, or about four times what a shirt from many of the “shirt of the day” sites in the US charge. So I passed on it. But I won a used one on eBay UK a little while ago for just £2.20 (around $3.40). It wasn’t my size, but I wasn’t really planning on wearing it anyway.

The shirt has a fair amount of text on it, including the motto, “Everyone here hopes… To kill everyone else.” And that really does seem to be the case when you read some of the background stories that they’ve created for the characters in the palace. Practically everyone seemed to be plotting Jabba’s death in particular.

I’m not sure where the Leia image comes from, but the Rancor and Salacious Crumb images appear to be traced directly from commonly available photos you might find on a Google image search, which is a bit of pet peeve of mine. Still, it’s kind of a cool shirt.

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  1. December 7, 2011 3:05 am

    I can’t believe that it would’ve cost so much to buy it new. :0

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