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Jabba the Hutt Resin Model Kit (Maker Unknown)

November 22, 2011

This is another one of those items that I really know nothing about. I won it on ebay from someone who apparently bought it as part of a collection of models, but that was all he knew about it. If anyone knows anything about this piece, I’d be interested to know when it was made and by whom. It appears to be a garage kit similar to the one I posted about a while back, and in fact it’s very similar in size (this one is about 14″ long by 8″ tall, so it’s fairly large). They’re both made of resin, but the body of this one is hollow making it very light. It also has some fairly prominent mold lines along the top of his body that I tried to sand off. It comes in three pieces: the body and two arms.

The body has some nice detail and I think the sculpt is really nicely done, if somewhat stylized (reminding me a bit more of the Clone Wars Jabba than the traditional Return of the Jedi version). The arms on the other hand seem a bit rough in their sculpt. His right hand almost seems to be in a “Jedi mind trick” pose. I almost like it better without the arms, especially in this unpainted state — it looks kind of like a “Jabba de Milo” statue. 😉

Like the other garage kit, I think I’ll just be keeping this one unpainted because I have more than enough realistically painted Jabbas, and these have a unique look to them.

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