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Clone Wars Jabba the Hutt Collector Coin by Topps

November 11, 2011

Topps certainly knows how to come up with a variety of collectible Star Wars items. This one is from a series they released in 2008. It featured 12 different Clone Wars characters, but from what I understand, there were actually three separate series of these coins, each of which was sold exclusively at a particular retailer. Wal-mart had the purple coins, like this one, while Toys R Us had yellow and Target had red. And it wasn’t just the color of the coins — the character graphics were different as well. What a pain it must have been if you wanted to try and find them all.

At the moment all I have is this one, but if I can get the red and yellow versions inexpensively I’ll be happy to add them to my collection as well. They seem a bit hard to find now, however.

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