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LEGO Desert Skiff (Set #7104)

November 8, 2011

After getting the Jabba’s Palace, Jabba’s Prize and  Jabba’s Message sets (all released in 2003) and the Jabba’s Sail Barge set (released in 2006), I thought that I had all of the Jabba-related LEGO sets. But I didn’t know about this Desert Skiff set, which was released in 2000 — several years before the others.

The set includes Han Solo and Jedi Luke minifigures, and is somewhat different from the skiff that was included with the Sail Barge set (it’s smaller for one thing). The box says that it’s recommended for ages 6-10, although my LEGO-obsessed 6-year-old put it together quite easily. Here are the two versions together:

As you can see, they’re pretty different, even though they share some parts. The gang plank on the one from the Sail Barge set swings in and out, while on this one it’s fixed in place. You can pretty easily use this one with your Sail Barge set, since Jabba had more than one skiff.

I wonder if I can really say that I have all the Jabba-related LEGOs now, or have I missed something?

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  1. November 8, 2011 5:32 pm

    You’ve got the main Jabba-related LEGO sets, but there are a couple other things:

    First, there was a Luke + Han + Fett minifig set. Fett has a Sarlacc-themed background card, Luke’s card has the Emperor on one side but the other side has a pic of Luke on Jabba’s skiff.

    There was also a Fett + Slave Leia + Emperor’s Royal Guard minifig magnet set.
    There are a few different versions of Slave Leia in keychain form.

    There are also some LEGO postcards:
    The 7014 Desert Skiff set you talk about in this very post had a postcard associated with it.
    There were postcards to go along with the LEGO SW visual dictionary; one of them was “Aliens” and has Jabba, Rotta, and a Gamorrean, along with some non-Jabba-related aliens.

    that’s all I can think of right now, but you can always check (they have an extensive catalog of just about every LEGO set, LEGO piece, and LEGO-related anything)

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