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“Palace Pandemonium” by Timothy Arthur-McLaughlin (Tim Art)

October 14, 2011

I’m very happy to announce the addition of this commissioned painting to my collection. It’s by Timothy Arthur-McLaughlin, an up-and-coming artist from the UK who has done some very impressive work with Wizard of Oz characters (among other things) and is now looking to break into Star Wars art. I was quite impressed with the work I saw on his site, so when I saw on the Rebelscum forums that he was interested in doing Star Wars art, I jumped at the chance to have him do a piece for me. Although I called it a painting, I believe it was done primarily in watercolor pencils, and in person the colors are very impressive.

I had in mind a chaotic and comical scene that would be packed with action and detail, and Tim certainly delivered on all counts. We decided on a relatively small size (about 8″ tall by 11.5″ wide), so the amount of detail per square inch is really quite astounding (Be sure to check out some of the close-ups below to see what I mean). Tim took the time to find out what kind of style I was looking for to ensure that I got just what I wanted, doing several mockups so we could get the right composition, etc. I think he’s done a fantastic job interpreting the characters in his own style.

Starting at the upper left and moving clockwise, we have Boba Fett enduring a bit of a wardrobe malfunction due to a curious jawa, Han in Carbonite, a confused Gamorrean Guard, Salacious Crumb clinging to Jabba’s head while Bib Fortuna tries to get him down, C-3PO knocking over Jabba’s water pipe (setting free one of his snacks in the process) as Bubo looks, Oola trying to casually untie herself from the throne, and finally Lando suffering some unwanted advances from Yarna.

Here it is framed. I usually use very dark frames but I decided to go with gold for this one and I think it turned out really well. It doesn’t come through as well in this photo, but I was quite impressed with how it looked. It has a double mat (green and off-white).

Here are some close-ups of the piece:

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  1. October 15, 2011 9:52 am

    Truly a stunning addition to your collection.

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