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Upcoming: Jabba’s Palace Mimobots (Series 7)

September 23, 2011

I guess these are already out, so they’re not really “upcoming” but they’re new to me. Mimobots are USB Flash drives shaped like Star Wars characters. I have the older C-3PO one and it’s pretty nice, although the prices were always way out of line with what generic Flash drives cost. They seem to a bit more reasonable now, though, starting at around $22.95 for a 2GB drive.

Despite the “Jabba’s Palace” name for Series 7, there is no Jabba or even any of the other characters I might have expected. They do have Han with a Carbonite carrying case (nice), Boba Fett, and Leia as Boushh. There’s also a Lando, but he isn’t dressed in his skiff guard outfit, so he really doesn’t have anything to do with Jabba’s palace.

There’s a cute video below introducing the series that shows characters like Oola and Gamorrean Guard in Mimobot form, but as far as I know these aren’t actually products (at least not yet). I’m really hoping they’ll put out a Jabba.

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