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Vintage Australian Jabba the Hutt and Gamorrean Guard Erasers by Crystal Craft

September 13, 2011

I already had one kind of Jabba the Hutt eraser from Crystal Craft, so I was surprised to learn that they actually made two different designs. The one I had before is a rectangular eraser with a green Jabba on it, while this one is shaped like Jabba on his throne and features a mustard yellow Jabba. The Gamorrean Guard looks a lot like the eraser I got from England made by H.C. Ford & Sons, but upon closer inspection, that one is actually a bit bigger, has completely different colors, and is missing the “LFL 1983” copyright notice, as you can see below:

Crystal Craft released 10 Return of the Jedi-themed erasers in Australia, as shown on the back of the package:

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