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Vintage British Return of the Jedi School Bag By Frankel & Roth (Jedi Luke in Jabba’s Palace)

September 4, 2011

I posted about another Frankel & Roth bag a few months ago. That one had Jabba and Bib Fortuna on it, as well as some other characters. This one just features Jedi Luke in Jabba’s palace, just as he draws one of the guards’ guns on Jabba. We’ve seen this image on a number of things, like this puzzle or the vintage ROTJ lunchbox.

They’re both the same style of bag (from the “Bags of Character” line) with a shoulder strap and two carrying handles on the top. This one has seen better days, as there is a rip by one of the handles on the front, and one of the handles on the back has come completely off on one side. Still, I got it for just £0.99, so I can’t complain. Like so many of the non-toy collectibles from this era, these are fairly hard to find but they also don’t command very high prices in most cases (usually more than I paid, though).

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