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Jabba the Hutt Baby Bib (With Repurposed Vintage Material) by Choppa

September 1, 2011

I got this baby bib from an eBay seller in the UK. While it looks quite well made, complete with a tag and washing instructions on the back, it’s not really a commercial product. It’s been made from some vintage material (probably from a set of children’s bed sheets). I don’t have a set of those sheets yet, but I do really like the Jabba portion of it. He looks rather kindly, don’t you think?

We have a baby at our house, and I might use this along with my Jabba baby booties for a quick photo, but I don’t think it be in daily use by any means.

By the way, I think not including Bib Fortuna on here was a bit of a missed opportunity. 😉

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  1. December 5, 2011 6:46 am

    |I got my son a Deathstar Bib from them at a show and also a lovely R2D2 one for Dustin Roberts ( R2D2 Central) as he and his wife are expecting.

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