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Unlicensed Jabba the Hutt and Gamorrean Guard Necklaces

August 13, 2011

I know almost nothing about these, including when they were made and by whom, which I find a little frustrating. But they are metal necklaces that are about an inch tall. The reverse side is a polished golden color with no markings at all. The one on the left is obviously a Gamorrean, but in bizarre colors. The one on the right has more or less the standard Jabba colors, with the exception of the baby-blue eyes. However, he’s missing a tail, which is an odd omission since the tail plays a big part in making Jabba look like Jabba. It may just be that he’s supposed to have it trailing behind him, though, like the POTF Jabba figure. In any case, I found these to be rather fascinating, similar to the bootleg action figures I have.


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