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Vintage Jabba the Hutt and Max Rebo Band Valentines by Drawing Board Greeting Cards

August 9, 2011

When I was a kid, we would all give Valentines to every kid in our class at school. I guess it’s better than having some kids get a lot and others get nothing, but it is kind of an empty gesture if you think about it. Still, it was kind of fun, and school Valentines do make for some cool little collectibles.

These cards are from a set of Return of the Jedi-themed Valentines from 1983 that were intended to be given out to your classmates, teachers, and principal. You’ve gotta love the Jabba one (especially compared to the Stand-Up Valentine from 1997). I do imagine that the Rebo Band card below got some strange looks from principals, who probably weren’t as up-to-date about Star Wars characters as their students were.

Here are the full sheets. Click for a larger view. I got these loose, but I think you got 6 of the sheet on the left and one of the sheet on the right, for a total of 28 cards in a box. I’d kind of like to frame the Jabba one, but I’m reluctant to tear it from the full sheet. And you can’t really frame the full sheets very well because the cards have different orientations. Hmm…

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