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LucasArts “Jabba Claus” Christmas Card from 1996

July 25, 2011

It’s Christmas in July here at Mighty Jabba’s Collection! I’ve been wanting to pick one of these items up for quite some time, but they’re not all that easy to find. This is a Christmas card that LucasArts (the computer games publishing company) sent out to clients and friends in 1996. It features art by artist Paul Mica showing Jabba the Hutt as Santa Claus carrying a bag full of LucasArts games. It’s a fairly large card, at more than 6″ square. I plan to frame it.

Inside is the message “Koos wangki tu kochpa kee Lucasartsah,” which supposedly means “Happy Holidays from LucasArts” although I don’t know if Huttese is developed enough as a language to really express something like that, or if they just made up something that sounded appropriate.

A few related items in my collection are my “Jabba Claus” print by Daniel Falconer and the Santa outfit I made for my Ultra Jabba figure.

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