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Clay Jabba the Hutt Pipe

June 3, 2011

This is a pipe made out of clay in the shape of Jabba the Hutt. Someone on the Rebelscum forums found it at a swap meet and agreed to sell it to me, but beyond that I know very little about it. It’s obviously a handmade piece that is partially based on the “Jabba Glob” figure put out in the late 1990s. The name “Wyatt” has been carved on the bottom, so that’s presumably who made it. If anyone has any information about it, I’d love to know more. In particular, I wonder if this was a one-off piece or if a number of them were made.

The details of the face sculpt follow the Jabba Glob figure so closely that I think it must have been cast from the figure, rather than just inspired by it. If you look at the rest of the figure, the tail and arms are really quite basic in comparison, so it seems unlikely that the person who made this could have pulled off such a perfect copy by themselves.

Jabba has a metal bowl in his head where the tobacco (or whatever) would go, and there’s a hole at the end of his tail where you would actually smoke. I have no idea if it works and have no intention of trying it, but there does seem to be a passage through the tail to the bowl, so it should work in theory.

Longtime readers of the site will know that this is actually my second Jabba-shaped pipe (no Jabba collection worth its salt would stop at just one…) The first was my Jabba the Hutt water pipe. As you can see, it’s much bigger and heavier than this one, and not nearly as practical. I wonder how many other Jabba pipes of various types there are out there. Has anyone seen other ones?

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