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Vintage Return of the Jedi Prismatic Stickers (Jabba’s Palace Characters) by Drawing Board Greeting Cards

May 16, 2011

These vintage stickers are the “prismatic” type that have a rainbow effect depending on how the light hits them. From some angles they look like normal stickers, but turn them a bit and they look like a disco ball. It’s hard to capture how they look in person, but I actually quite like them. The Jabba in this set is identical to the vending machine sticker I posted about a few months ago, but much larger. The vending machine version is around 2″ wide, while this one is 3″ wide.

The back indicates that these were made for Drawing Board Greeting Cards, Inc. by Decal Specialities, Inc. in Mason City Iowa. Drawing Board Greeting Cards also put out some 2D and 3D Perk-Up Stickers, but I definitely like these the best.

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