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Vintage German Return of the Jedi Buttons (Jabba, Gamorrean Guard, and Max Rebo Band) by Rolf Schultz

May 12, 2011

These buttons might look a little familiar to you if you’ve been reading this site for very long. I wrote about a set of vintage German stickers a while ago that are almost identical in design and size to these buttons. (Interestingly the copyright information that I talked about for the stickers is hidden by the curve of the button, making me think that they made the design with the buttons in mind and then reused it for the stickers.) They are also very similar to the Adam Joseph buttons, with one exception — these are much smaller, at about 1.25″ in diameter (compared to 2″ for the Adam Joseph versions). That may not seem like a big difference until you compare the two. The Adam Joseph ones seem huge!

One other difference is that the German buttons have an “art” version of the Max Rebo Band that isn’t present in the Adam Joseph set. It’s rather odd, considering that all the other buttons are photos, and that the German set also has a button with a photo of Max Rebo on it like the Adam Joseph one on the right here (I don’t have that one yet). You can also see that they cut out the background in the Gamorrean photo for some reason. Not very many people wear buttons anymore, and I’m no exception, but if I had to I would choose the Rolf Schultz ones, since they’re much more understated. I could see wearing something of this size on a lapel.

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