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Vintage British Return of the Jedi Pencil Case By Frankel & Roth

April 23, 2011

This pencil case from 1983 is a companion piece to the Frankel & Roth school bag that I posted a few months ago, and is another item that I didn’t even know existed until it popped up on eBay UK. The Star Wars Collector’s Archive doesn’t even seem to have an entry for it. It’s not in very good shape — the blue part on the corner, which at first glance I took to be part of the design, is actually an ink stain — but I won it for slightly over one pound (about $1.75) so I’m not too upset about it.

Unlike the school bag, which is just blank on the back, this has designs on both sides. There’s a nice shot of a hanger bay with the Millennium Falcon in it, plus another different shot of Jabba. It’s rather large at 8″ wide by 6″ tall.

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