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Vintage Collection Weequay Skiff Master by Hasbro (2011)

April 20, 2011

This is one of Hasbro’s latest releases in the Vintage Collection line, and the latest Jabba-related figure to be released. (I’ve already covered the Vintage Collection Jabba the Hutt and Throne, Gamorrean Guard, Wooof, and drink-serving R2-D2.) As I was writing this, I realized that I’ve never posted about any of the Weequay figures that have been released, including the original vintage figure from 1983 and the POTF version from 1995. I’ll be correcting that error shortly. But actually this figure is not a revamped version of the old ones, as with many of the other entries in the Vintage Collection. Instead, this “skiff master” version is a totally different character with a different outfit. (The name “weequay” actually refers to a race of aliens, rather than a certain character.) This particular weequay was in charge of one of Jabba’s desert skiffs.

It’s well done — certainly the best Weequay figure we’ve gotten — but it doesn’t impress me quite as much as some Hasbro’s other recent releases, like the Giran or Gamorrean Guard figures. Those could pass for much larger scale figures, or even statues, but this one seems to be more obviously an action figure. His clothes in particular seem kind of plasticky looking, and the joints aren’t as well hidden.

I also had to pay nearly $9 for it at Walmart (the only place I could find it), which is frankly more than I’m comfortable paying for figures in this scale.

I don’t actually have a skiff in my collection yet. Kenner released one at the tail end of the POTF line which is relatively rare and valuable, and there have been a couple of modern versions as well. I definitely have to get my hands on one.

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