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Cracked Magazine No. 199 (November, 1983 — Jabba the Hutt Cover)

April 7, 2011

There was a time in my life when I read both Cracked and Mad Magazine (who also had a Jabba cover in the late 90s), but Cracked always did seem a like a poor man’s Mad. This issue, which came out about the same time as Return of the Jedi, features Jabba on the cover with a painful looking case of indigestion after over-indulging in some junk food.

There’s also a full parody of Return of the Jedi called “Returns of the Jed Eye.” It’s the usual stuff with silly jokes and characters with altered names (Blubba the Hut, Fluke Skystalker, and Hands Solow, for example) but it’s a reasonably enjoyable read. I’ve scanned in that part of the magazine, so click the image to the left to view the PDF.

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  1. MBlovesTIX permalink
    April 9, 2011 4:09 am

    Am I the only one who can’t see the picture?

    • icruise permalink
      April 9, 2011 8:24 pm

      I changed the picture so that it uses a separate JPG file rather than linking directly to the PDF. That should solve the issue.

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