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OfficialPix Celebration V Jabba the Hutt Pin #2

March 29, 2011

I posted about the first Jabba pin put out by OfficialPix back in August. As I said then, OfficialPix made a series of metal pins (41 different designs in all) that were given away when people purchased photos from their booth. (And from what I hear they also gave away some to volunteers after the event.) They only made 150 or so of each design, which makes these on the rare side. When I got the first one, I had no idea that there were actually two Jabba pins, each with a different image of Jabba on it. By the time I found out a few months later, it seemed like people weren’t really thinking about these anymore, and for a long time I didn’t have any luck looking for the second version. Luckily I was finally  contacted by someone on the Rebelscum forums who kindly sold me this one. It’s about an inch in diameter and the image is made of embossed metal. I like it a lot.

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