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Star Wars Pull-Out Poster Book by Scholastic

March 9, 2011

This is a book of mini-posters put out by Scholastic in 1997. I think calling these “posters” is stretching things a little, as they’re all 8.5″ x 11″ in size. They’re perforated for easy removal, which is nice, but the quality of the photographs isn’t that great. Most of them are too contrasty and not all that attractive.

I was surprised when I first got this in hand to find that all of the posters are from “A New Hope.” I would have expected them to use shots from all three films, but instead they’ve arranged them in chronological order with captions to sort of tell the story of the first film.

If I had to pick one poster to use on the cover, it certainly wouldn’t have been the one with Han and Jabba, but it seems like the added scene with the CGI Jabba was used a lot around the release of the “Special Edition” of the films in the 90s. Of course today this Jabba is kind of an embarrassment.

The posters aren’t too bad for decorating a child’s room, which is after all what they were intended for. One side note: I hadn’t seen this item before it cropped up in an eBay search. I think the seller wanted around $8 for it, which seemed a little high, so I did some looking around and found a used copy on Amazon for a little over $2 including free two-day shipping (as I have Amazon Prime). It just goes to show you that it’s worth doing a little research before buying an unfamiliar item.

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