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Vintage Sigma Ceramic Lando as Skiff Guard Figural Mug

February 10, 2011

Here’s another addition to my collection of Jabba-themed mugs. It’s a reasonably well done piece. I think the helmet and face guard help it look a bit better than the ones that were just disembodied heads. I believe this is the last of the vintage Sigma mugs that could fit into a Jabba focus, but I still have a few more from the Applause line that I could conceivably add to my collection, such as the Jedi Luke or Boba Fett mugs. And I suppose I could include C-3PO as well.

Below are all of my mugs, along with the Dram Tree stein on the right. In the front you have the vintage Sigma line with Lando, a Gamorrean Guard, and Klaatu. And in the back are two from the Applause line from the ’90s: another Gamorrean Guard and Bib Fortuna. Notice anything missing? Yeah, no Jabba. I still can’t get over how a character like Klaatu (Klaatu!) can get a mug, and the head honcho himself can’t get a mug in either the Simga or Applause lines. But I digress…

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