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“Homer the Hutt”

January 27, 2011

Pop culture mashups seem to be all the rage these days. It seems like every T-shirt and poster site has designs that combine Star Wars with other popular properties. This is kind of an interesting example, though. I got the poster above on ebay a while back. It’s apparently by a Mexican artist named Martin Lopez, although I don’t really have any information about him. It’s rather large at 13 x 36 (an inch too tall for a off-the-shelf frame, alas).

I remembered seeing a similar image before, and after a little searching I found the image below, which looks a lot more like a piece of official Simpsons art. I’ve even seen some people selling prints and T-shirts with this on it, but they were all clearly unlicensed. It took me a while, but I finally managed to track down the original image. It’s from the Simpson’s Masterpiece Gallery, a book of Simpsons posters. The posters in the book are about 10.5 x 14 in size.

If you compare the two images, it’s clear that Lopez was “inspired” by the version from the poster book, but there are a number of important differences. In the official image, the family appear to just be dressed up as characters from Jabba’s palace. Maggie the baby seems to be wearing some fake Salacious Crumb nose and ears, Homer is in a Jabba suit with clear seams on it, and Lisa’s Bib Fortuna head tentacles appear to be stuck on with tape.

If you look at the Lopez image, the characters aren’t just pretending — they’re actually a combination of the two kinds of characters, although you can still see the “tape” on Lisa’s head, which makes me think that he didn’t understand what that actually was. Instead of Maggie, we have Nelson as Salacious Crumb (and in a rather gross touch, Maggie  is playing the role of a froggy snack). For some reason, Bart is wearing a white Jedi uniform and has a pink lightsaber, and instead of a picture of Mr. Burns as the Emperor on the wall, we have him actually standing there, which makes very little sense.

Anyway, I thought this was an interesting comparison. The Lopez version is actually pretty cool, but I’m not crazy about some of the changes he made, and overall it seems way too similar to the original.

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