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Jabba the Hutt’s Skiff by Deagostini (The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection #53)

January 22, 2011

I wrote about the Deagostini Sail Barge a while back, and here is their version of the skiff. Like the Sail Barge, it’s similar to Hasbro’s Titanium series skiff, but a bit bigger and more detailed.

All of the vehicles in this series come with little plastic cases, which is kind of nice, I guess, although it does make their footprint a lot bigger than the Titanium series models. Since this is number 53 in the series, you can see that they made a huge number of them, so it might be difficult to display them all well.

The case comes off of the base, but the skiff appears to be screwed onto the base.

Above is a shot of it with the Titanium skiff. As you can see, it’s slightly bigger and a totally different color. The gangplank on the Titanium version slides in and out, but the one on the Deagostini version doesn’t move.  Overall, I would definitely give the edge to the Deagostini version, as the paint job looks better and the details are finer. For example, the railings and the fins are a lot thinner and more accurate looking.

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