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“That Bad, Huh?” Print by Spencer Brinkerhoff (Celebration V)

January 17, 2011

This print by Spencer Brinkerhoff depicts the moment in Return of the Jedi when Han and Luke are being taken off to the Sarlacc Pit. When Han asks Luke “How we doing?” Luke says “Same as always,” to which Han replies, “That bad, huh?” It was created for Celebration V several months ago, and I got mine at that time thanks to Avfin on the Sideshow Freaks Board, who kindly picked one up for me. But due to its unusual size (12 x 24) it took me a long time to get it framed. I don’t like paying huge amounts for custom framing, so I usually get off-the-shelf frames and then have mats custom cut to fit the artwork, but given the widescreen aspect ratio of this piece, that was tricky. However, on the Rebelscum forums, Spencer himself suggested that a frame intended for displaying a record album and its sleeve side by side might be just about perfect. They sell the frame at Michaels, and during a recent sale it was quite cheap. I still had to get a black mat cut for it, since the frame is a little too big, but it looks good and was much cheaper than custom framing.

This is part of a series of prints that Spencer has done in his animated style, each named after a memorable line from the scene they depict. The other two are “Sorry about the mess” (a Celebration Japan exclusive) and “I know” (which is currently available from ACME Archives Direct.

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  1. January 17, 2011 10:14 am

    Very nice. I didn’t initially like the cartoony aspect of the Brinkerhoff artwork, but after seeing more and more of them, they’ve sort of grown on my and i really do rate them. Nice aquisition.

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