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Nikto Guard Figure by Hasbro (Toys R Us Exclusive)

January 14, 2011

This is one of Jabba’s guards that appears in the Clone Wars cartoon. It’s a Toys R Us-exclusive figure and is currently in stores. From what I understand, it was originally intended to be included with the Clone Wars Jabba the Hutt Battle Pack, but was held back for cost reasons. For a while Toys R Us did give these away with any Star Wars purchase over $30, but now they are just selling them for $10.99 apiece, which seems extremely expensive for this figure. It’s well done, but fairly spindly. His accessories consist of a shoulder bag/holster (with Jabba’s clan tattoo on it), a removable cowl, a blaster pistol, a rifle and a stand. Both of the weapons are made of super soft plastic that barely holds its shape, so it’s hard to keep the rifle from looking like a bent noodle.

Like the Saga Legends Boushh figure, this also comes with a die and game card that can be used with the “Galactic Battle Game” but I really don’t have any interest in that. In any case, it’s nice to see some more Jabba’s palace aliens come out in the Clone Wars style.

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