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Unlicensed Jabba the Hutt Top From Argentina

January 8, 2011

I got this from an ebay seller who sells a number of similar toys. I don’t have any details about who made it or even exactly what it was used for. The seller said he got a bunch of this kind of toy in a shop, but that they would have been used for vending machine or cereal toys. I’m not even totally sure that it’s a legitimate product, and not something that the seller made on his own, since the two halves of the top came apart very easily, and it would have been trivial to print out any image and insert it into the top. In any case, there are no markings aside from “Ind. Argentina” so it’s obviously a non-licensed item. I guess I’ll just have to take him at his word that these were actually sold in this form in Argentina. The top is about an inch and half in diameter and actually spins very well, despite being made from rather lightweight plastic.

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