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“Koopa the Hutt” T-Shirt by TeeFury

January 1, 2011

TeeFury is one of those “sell one thing for 24 hours” type of sites. They sell T-shirts based on funny puns or pop culture mashups — in this case, a combination of Jabba the Hutt and Koopa from the Super Mario Brothers games. I’m a big fan of Mario and Jabba, so I pretty much had to get one, although as I said when the shirt first went on sale, the art could be better. The pose from the “Princess Peach/Slave Leia” character is a direct copy of the Kotobukiya Slave Leia vinyl figure, and I think in general the artist probably got a lot of “inspiration” from Google Image searches. That said, I think the shirt looks a bit better in person than I would have thought.

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