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Star Wars Kids Magazine #13: Meet Jabba!

December 30, 2010

Star Wars Kids Magazine (“The Magazine for Young Jedi Knights”) was put out by Scholastic in the late 1990s. Since this was before the first of the prequels came out, they dealt entirely with the original trilogy (and some expanded universe things), which is kind of refreshing now that everything for kids seems to be Clone Wars related. It was apparently a supplement to the “Star Wars Missions” books (like “The Search for Grubba the Hutt”), although they were later published as actual magazines available on newsstands.

Each magazine featured a different character — in this case, Jabba. This issue is 26 pages long, and has a lot of photos as well as a comic, so the actual amount of content is fairly small. Still, a lot of the magazine actually dealt with Jabba, which is nice. I’ve created a PDF of the main article and a nice Jabba maze from the issue, although there is more that I did not include.

Star Wars Kids #13: Meet Jabba!

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