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Oola Statue by Attakus

December 28, 2010

Attakus is kind of an unusual company compared to many of the other ones producing Star Wars statues. They release them at a very leisurely pace, and just when you think they might have stopped altogether they will announce something new. Their retail prices are quite high, but most their pieces haven’t held their value very well. There are some exceptions, like their Jabba the Hutt, but most can be had for well under retail on the secondary market. And Oola, like Bib Fortuna, is one that can be had for comparatively little even brand new. I paid about $90.

Like the other Attakus pieces, Oola is 1/5 scale, which puts her right between 1/6 scale figures and 1/4 scale statues like Sideshow’s Premium Format figures. Unlike many of the other Attakus pieces, her outfit is made of real cloth netting, which gives her a feeling similar to a PF, if a bit smaller. She also comes with a “rope” that is flexible and somewhat posable. From looking at the picture on the box, it seems that you’re supposed to fit this rope between her index finger and middle finger, but it just didn’t seem possible in my case. The rope is too thick and I could easily see her finger breaking off if I tried to force it. So I used a slightly different pose that looks just as good to me.

Attakus pieces generally have issues when they involve human likenesses. They come off looking overly stylized and cartoonish, like their Slave Leia. There’s some of that here (and it’s accentuated when you take a closeup like the one above) but overall, I think the likeness is really quite good. It looks a lot more like Femi Taylor (who played Oola) than the Gentle Giant mini-bust. It doesn’t really come through in the picture, but the dots on her forehead are actually sparkly things meant to recreate her makeup, and in person the effect is really quite nice.

Compared to the Gentle Giant Oola, the Attakus version has darker green skin, which I personally prefer. Overall, while the Gentle Giant piece is very nice, I’m going to have to give the edge to the Attakus statue as the ultimate Oola collectible, especially since she isn’t all that expensive.

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  1. December 30, 2010 3:32 am

    Yeah, i picked on of these up last year for about £90 and i do think she’s beautiful. Even the wife agrees and i think this is her favourite.

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