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Han Solo in Carbonite Throw Blanket (StarWarsShop Exclusive)

December 26, 2010

This is a StarWarsShop exclusive, and retails for $59.99. It measures 68 x 52 inches, which means that it’s not quite life size, but pretty close. It’s made of cotton and it even said that it was made in the USA, which surprised me. I didn’t really have very high hopes for this, and I finally pulled the trigger because SWShop was having a sale. But I’m actually very impressed. I had assumed that it would be somehow printed on the surface of the blanket like the kids’ towels and blankets that I’ve seen, but that’s not what it is at all.

If you look at the surface of the throw, you can see that the image is made up of lots and lots of individually colored threads. I’m not entirely sure how they managed to weave them together to make the image appear, but they did. Of course, images of this sort are kind of difficult to make out when seen from close by, so if you’re actually using the throw you might not be able to tell that it’s Han in Carbonite at all. (To get the first picture above, I had to spread the throw out on the living room floor and take the photo from the stairway.) When you’re using it, it looks more like a normal multicolored throw, which I like.

Here you can see some more of the detail. The reverse side of the throw doesn’t really have a recognizable pattern.

There are two different types of fringe, one on the top and bottom edges and one on the two sides. The nice thing about this is that the Star Wars aspect of it isn’t overwhelming. I think it’s perfect for the sofa in my home office.

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