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Legacy Collection Ak-Rev by Hasbro

December 13, 2010

Along with his fellow drummer Umpass-stay, Ak-Rev (background info here) was one of the additions made to the revamped “Jedi Rocks” version of the Jabba’s palace musical number in the “Special Edition” of Return of the Jedi. As I explained at length in my post about the Power of the Force Rebo Band figures, I hate the new version of the sequence, but these particular characters are okay.

Ak-Rev is a Weequay and has a pretty good sculpt. His articulation leaves a lot to be desired, but realistically you’re just going to be posing him as if he’s playing the drum, so it’s not a huge issue. The paint on the outfit is a bit sloppy, but he fills his purpose (being a background character in Jabba’s palace). Both he hand Umpass-stay come with half of a drum, which are basically identical except for the pegs inside that connect them together.

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