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Custom Mighty Muggs Salacious Crumb

October 16, 2010

As you may or may not know, Hasbro isn’t really making any new Mighty Muggs (at least for Star Wars). But they did recently release some Target-exclusive Star Wars “Mini Muggs,” which are basically just miniature versions of Mighty Muggs (using an art style that’s even cuter than the original). I don’t know if they plan to release very many of these beyond the few that are in stores now. I personally think that the Mighty Muggs probably should have been this size all along, since the actual Muggs are really too large for most people to buy large numbers of. But it’s really too late to make the switch, since they’ve released so many in the large size and people aren’t likely to want to mix them.

Because of the ears they added to the Yoda Mighty Mugg, I had long wanted to use it as the basis for a Salacious Crumb custom, but he was one of the most expensive ones to get on the secondary market, so I never did it. Thus, I was very interested to see that one of the Mini Muggs was Yoda. Not only did he have the ears I needed, but he was the perfect size relative to my Jabba custom.

I’m relatively happy with the way it turned out. As usual, I had some trouble replicating the Mugg design esthetic, and even more trouble drawing clean lines and shapes, but it’s not too bad. To make the tail, I cut off Yoda’s lightsaber and (ahem) stuck it in a hole that I drilled in the figure’s hind end. Here he is with Jabba:


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