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Reusable Return of the Jedi Stickers by Topps Canada

September 26, 2010

These stickers date from 1997, around the release of George Lucas’s “Special Editions” of the Star Wars films. I know Topps also made an Empire Strikes Back version, since the seller I bought these from originally sent me those by mistake, and they probably made one for A New Hope as well. Since these are billed as reusable stickers, I was hoping that these would be made of vinyl or something similar. But I opened the Empire ones and they’re just regular stickers with less adhesive than usual, allowing you to remove them from the paper after you stick them on.

There are a large number of Jabba-related characters here, including Jabba, Rancor, Salacious Crumb, Slave Leia, Slave Leia with Jedi Luke, Weequay, and Gamorrean Guard. They included a background image that you can put the stickers on, allowing you to create a scene similar to a Presto Magix set, but for some reason they went with an Endor setting, which only really makes sense with a handful of the stickers.

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