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Jabba the Hutt Boy Scout Patch (2010 Jamboree)

August 19, 2010

I was never a boy scout, so when I think of boy scout patches, I just think of merit badges, which are given for accomplishing something or learning a particular skill. But I recently discovered that they also make patches like this one, which are made to be taken to the National Scout Jamboree (a huge gathering of boy scouts held every four years). Apparently each troop brings patches that relate to their region, and the scouts trade them at the Jamboree. The most popular ones tend to feature pop culture characters.

This one is part of a Clone Wars set (picture from an eBay auction). It’s from Marin Country, California — home to George Lucas. It’s fairly big at around 5″ by 3.5″ and is embroidered in a way that gives it a quasi-3D effect. It’s hard to capture with a photo. I like how it has the motto “courage, confidence” at the bottom. Those are the qualities I always associate with Jabba, too. 😀

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