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Saga Legends Leia as Boushh Figure by Hasbro

July 5, 2010

This was only just released, but it’s the same figure as the Saga Collection Boushh that was released in 2006. I never got that version, though, so I decided to pick this one up. It comes with some extraneous stuff necessary to play the “Galactic Battle Game” that I don’t have any interest in, as well as some “secret” weapons of some kind. But I’m just going to cover the figure itself.

She comes with a removable helmet, a thermal detonator that attaches to her left hand by means of a peg, and her staff (which is made of a super soft and bendy kind of plastic, making it a bit challenging to display well). The articulation isn’t great, but the paint and sculpting are both quite good, making this figure (and the original Saga Collection one) the best Boushh figures we’re likely to see in this scale for a long time.

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