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Vintage Return of the Jedi Lunch Box

July 1, 2010

This Return of the Jedi lunch box has a number of Jabba-related illustrations on it. I got this in a box of random Star Wars things, and I didn’t even realize how much Jabba stuff there was on it until I saw it in person. This one isn’t in very good condition — it’s rusty and the paint is chipped in places– so I’m tempted to get an unused one. The artwork is quite well done. On the front is Jedi Luke at Jabba’s palace, just before he falls into the Rancor pit.

Jabba himself was relegated to the bottom of the box for some reason.

The Rebo Band (minus Sy Snootles) is on the top with the handle.

On one side we have skiff guard Lando fighting one of Jabba’s guards by the sarlacc. Wicket is on the other.

Finally, on the back we have the Death Star II, Darth Vader, and some Imperial starships.

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