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Upcoming: New Vintage Collection Jabba’s Throne vs. Vintage Throne

June 20, 2010

Here’s a shot from of the new throne on top of the vintage one. I’m kind of surprised that it’s actually slightly smaller. This comparison also makes the tiny gargoyle heads on the new throne stand out all the more. Not sure what they were thinking with that.

Here’s Photoshopped comparison of the new Hasbro throne and the Sideshow throne. Obviously these thrones are very different sizes, but it just shows how much smaller the new throne’s heads are in relation to the rest of the throne.

I think I may replace these heads with ones from a vintage throne (slightly modified, of course). They’re just too small. In fact, I think I may use the smaller heads to make a throne for the Galactic Heroes Jabba. On the bright side, the new throne should fit in easily with any displays that people have made with the vintage throne.

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