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Vintage Jabba Baseball Hat by Sales Corporation of America

June 11, 2010

Made in 1983, this Jabba hat is sort of a companion to the Gamorrean Guards hat that was put out by the same company. It uses the same Jabba image that is found on so much of the vintage merchandise, but interestingly it’s got a number of differences from the versions that we usually see.

For example, there is actually smoke coming out of Jabba’s mouth — something that I can’t recall seeing on any of the other products based on this image. And the hooka is present on the throne, while in most other versions of this image it is missing (and Salacious Crumb is sitting where it should be). There is also the rotisserie in the background with the fire underneath it, the pillows, and the red circle in the background. (As a side note, I’ve never really been sure what that is supposed to be — a light? A sun?) In any case, it’s very interesting that this particular version should be so different. It’s quite nicely done, even if the hat itself is a little flimsy.

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