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Galactic Heroes Rancor Pit Cinema Scene

May 31, 2010

This was a Toys R Us exclusive, and includes the Rancor, two identical Gamorrean Guard figures (same as the one from the Jabba’s Palace set), and a Jedi Luke (the same one from the Jabba’s Skiff set). I think it’s pretty silly for Hasbro not to have included a Rancor Keeper figure with this set instead of one of the Gamorreans. As it is, you’re basically just buying it for the Rancor, since the other figures are recycled from other sets.

Still, the Rancor is pretty nice, even if he looks a little odd. His mouth is large enough that he can “eat” a figure, and his tail opens up so you get the figure out (if you prefer, you can say that he “poops the guy out” ;)) The rancor’s bone is a separate piece, so you can have Luke use it to prop open the monster’s mouth if you so desire.

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