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Galactic Heroes Jabba’s Palace Cinema Scene

May 31, 2010

As I said in my list of my Top 10 Jabba Collectibles, the Jabba-related Galactic Heroes are some of my favorites. Part of this is probably due to the fact that my young son and I have had a lot of fun playing with these and other Galactic Heroes figures, but I also have a soft spot for cute versions of Jabba and his crew.

I recently realized that I never made entries for each of the individual Galactic Heroes Cinema Scene sets, so here they are. The first is the Jabba’s Palace set. This was a Target exclusive (and indeed, most of the Jabba-related Cinema Scenes have been exclusive to one retailer or another). It comes with nine figures: Jabba, Bib Fortuna, Han Solo, Jedi Luke, Lando in Skiff Guard Disguise, C-3PO, Leia as Boushh, Nikto Guard, and a Gamorrean Guard. They’re all quite well done, with removable helmets for Leia and Lando. Of course Jabba is the star of the show. I really like how they converted him into the Galactic Heroes style.

Like all of the Cinema Scenes, they come in a nice box that can be turned into a sort of playset if you’re careful when opening them. As you might expect, this one has Jabba’s thone room. Generally speaking, I’m an “opener.” I don’t like to keep products locked away in their packaging. But part of me really wants to buy another of each of these sets just to have the figures nicely displayed in the package.

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  1. January 19, 2011 6:00 am

    LOL. Di (my Girlfriend) loves these and always wanted me to collect them. Never did get around to getting any out side of the Millennium Falcon though. 🙂

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