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Vintage Return of the Jedi Perk-Up Stickers by Drawing Board Greeting Cards

May 29, 2010

I’m still not sure why these are called “Perk-Up” stickers. That sounds kind of like they should be three-dimensional in some way, but they’re just normal stickers. Unless they mean that they “perk up” otherwise boring things? Anyway, we get a variety of Jabba-related characters here. The first set includes Jabba, Bib Fortuna, Lando in Skiff Guard Disguise, Leia as Boushh, and the Rebo Band. The second only has a Gamorrean Guard and Klaatu. It’s kind of funny how Yoda looks towers over Luke.

I like the original “Zayre” price tags on these. I remember going to Zayre stores as a kid. Click the pictures above for a larger view.

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